When is a slam an attack? Or when is it simply criticism?
When you're biased!

This website is a Bias Thesaurus. But instead of synonyms and antonyms, we hope to provide you with a reference of:
"pronyms" (words that are the same but exhibit a bias for the subject), and
"antinyms" (words that are the same but exhibit a bias against the subject).
Biased words are intentional choices to manipulate an audience. They are not, as some would have us believe, a natural result of having opinions. Previous generations of reporters managed to have professionality, but not this one. Biased words indicate a decision to propagandize people, by caging subjects inside carefully-defined terms, and controlling the public vocabulary.
Today's media bias is so blatant, with such disrespect for the intelligence of the audience. Please get involved and help build this resource. All submissions are vetted to ensure a good resource. In time we hope it will be possible to use the resource to make statistical reports on the bias of news organizations.
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root word:eg. criticize (neutral, professional word)
pronyms:eg. , castigate, censure, condemn, reprimand, scold, scathe, scorch, stung,
antinyms:eg. attack, bash, lash out,
contextnyms:eg. slam, blast (context decides whether these words are pro/anti)
notes:eg. "slam" evokes strong imagery, like "slam dunk", making the "slam" seem strong. pro/anti depends on who is being "slammed". little old lady: unfair. politician: powerful, important.

scathe & scorch are pro because it implies that the criticism was true, effective ("burned" the person being criticised)
When is relentless bias propaganda?
When a plurality of people are unaware of it.

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